Judith Leiber Handbag Icon

Judith Leiber handbags have been iconic accessories for generations of famous women, from Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush to Jennifer Lopez and just recently Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw.

These days, Judith Leiber bag groupies are encountering a determined rival when bidding for her classic bags: A certain Judith Leiber of Park Avenue.

Judith Leiber the 89-year-old designer, with support from

her 88-year-old husband, Gerson, is trying to buy back as many examples of her own handiwork as she can to stock a multimillion-dollar museum they have built in the Hamptons.

Among other exhibits, the museum has about 200 Leiber handbags on display in glass

cases. The Leibers own about 900 bags in total. Mrs. Leiber says that's

not enough.

"We would love to have them all," she says.

Mrs. Leiber says she created some 3,500 styles, and would like one of each. There are Leiber bags shaped like birds, cats, frogs, tigers, peacocks, tomatoes, cupcakes...need I go on.

Just a few of the Judith Leiber designs available at net_a_porter.com

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