Taking a price tag to a new level

Balmain Crocodile tail coat leather jacket with mandarin style collar. Layered shoulder epaulettes. Frayed unfinished cuffs. Braided front edges with no closure. Two rows of antique style black buttons on front. Braided darting at back. Frayed, unfinished tail.... easy sale right... well it would be if you had a spare $69,006.00!! Speechless yeah me too, but it SOLD OUT within days.

Design-wise, it's amazing. But the material and price is just plain idiocy!

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  1. Hello Nikki!!!
    Greetings to you...
    Landed on your page while searching for Balmain leather jackets :-)
    Am into making replicas of leather dresses,tunics, shirts, jackets, pants, leggings, skirts etc ...
    warm regards