Secret Garden - Hong Kong

How incredible is this vertical garden featuring a secret door! It took me back to one of my all time favourite movies growing up called "The Secret Garden" and made me want to put my imagination to the test and explore the other side. Everywhere you look in Hong Kong you are blown away by it's contrasting lifestyles and standards of living, but then you have these visual masterpieces among it all that just blow you away. 

My white outfit pops on this colourful backdrop and the print and rose gold detailing are truly visible with the help of the peach toned top which keeps the look feminine and fresh.  With my normal "Nikki" twist I added vibrant red heels and blue / red reflective sunglasses. 

Nikki xox 


  1. That wall is cool- whereabouts in HK was it?

  2. It was in North Point. Will try track down the street name x

  3. what is the style name of these sunnies, they are hot!

  4. If you click next to wearing / Asos sunglasses it will take you direct to page with details on product. x

  5. HI Nikki!
    I was curious what size blazer this is? Ive found an 8 online, im normally a 10! Just wanted to know the size of yours so I can look at the fit! xxx