Playing In The Stables

This mornings Jeanswest event left me with the biggest smile on my face, I've never been to a more adorable event, with all the kids running around in their new little outfits, I almost forgot to shoot my own! . Following on from my last post ( Cute Alert: Jeanswest Jnr ) here are my outfit details.

Today's warm weather was a hint, that we are in for a boiling summer, even though it was windy the heat was evident. Today's look was inspired by Jeanswest. I've been wanting to bust this little maxi out, but due to weather hadn't had the chance, well here it is in all it's glory. A easy summer piece that can be transformed from beach to street in an instant. We love easy summer dressing!

Location: The Grounds, Alexandria.

Nikki xox 

Since my last post on this hat, it's now sold out but you can shop similar looks here 

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  1. oh I LOVE the top of that maxi! Slim straps always make your decolatage look so delicate :-)