Seeing Just Denim

Double denim is a trend that shows no sign of warning. Either love it or hate it, it's a style trend that can sometimes be challenging. It's important to remember that styling should be something that comes naturally and has an effortless air about it. Never copy a trend, but instead turn it into your own personal flair. Now, when we all think double denim we can't help but be taken back to Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears donning the look in a BAD way in 2001. Justin himself has said he'd “probably pay good money to get some of those pictures off the Internet." Don't blame him. Let's look at the good side of double denim and with that said, it's always looks great when you keep it simple. Baggy jeans with a baggy denim shirt, that's my double denim look for today. Clean and not to over powering. 

Wearing One Teaspoon Jeans, Lilya Denim Shirt and Isabel Marant Heels. 

Nails thanks to The Palour Clovelly - colour "You're so sweet you're goving me a toothache".

Nikki xox 

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