Romantic Valentino

Florence at sunset! WOW. This is one of the locations I chose form my style lab with Lusiaviaroma. So where is it, well the Piazzale Michelangelo is a famous square with a magnificent panoramic view of Florence. It was built in 1869 and designed by the architect Giuseppe Poggi during the urban renewal of the town. At the time, Florence was the capital of Italy and the middle class strongly wanted to show its rebirth. The piazza is dedicated to the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo and is home to copies of some of his famous statues in Florence: the David and the four allegories of the Medici Chapel of San Lorenzo. These copies are made of bronze, while the originals are all in white marble. The monument was brought up by nine pairs of oxen on 25 June 1873. I highly recommend you visit this magical spot if you are wanting a spectacular view of the city. 

 This is the first look from my styled labs with Lusiaviaroma. I chose this stunning cotton san gallo lace dress from Valentino and teamed it with a bright mint green chloe bag and simple black points from Jimmy Choo. Need I say more!  

Photographer: Tommaso Ferri
Assistant: Guido From Luisaviaroma

Nikki xox

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  1. You look amazing, Nikki! I also loved your look in the Anna K tee + red skirt.

    So lovely to meet you on Monday evening. What a fun experience!

    Hugs -