Just Add Strawberry

It’s a gloomy winters day in Paris, but that doesn’t deflate her Sparkle. It’s the city of love and with that I thought some Alex Perry lace was in need. This dress inspired by Cointreau Fizz Strawberry and Mint. It’s angelic and feminine pastel colours that fall on the front of this lace masterpiece make this the dream dress, however like all of us we have a dark side and so does this. The back of the dress is covered in the same delicate lace however rather then sticking to the soft pastel colours it's black giving this pretty dress a rock edge. I loved this dress so much I wore it to the big Cointreau party, an event of all events held at the  Musee de L’Orangerie in the Tuileries Gardens with special guest and new creative director of Cointreau Lastiseia Casta. This post to come soon. 

Again we chose the famous "Piscine Molitor” as the backdrop for our Cointreau Fizz strawberry and mint Collaboration. This location giving off a summer vibe which not only suited the spring / summer inspired dress but also this fruity summery cocktail. I loved how this cocktail embodied everything that the dress did. So sweet looking in colour, presentation and taste but this cocktail could also hold a naughty side. 

Hair by Heath Massi @heathmassihair
Photgrapher Mohéli Rinaldi @moheli

Nikki xox 

With love from Paris with Cointreau.


  1. That dress, Nikki! Amazing.


  2. omg you have really nice photos and outfits and great blog! xo