Little Love

The other day I went on the weekend TODAY show - channel 9, to help the RSPCA spread the word on Cupcake day, This fantastic event which raised 1.5 million last year is happening again, the official day is today the 16th August, but you can bake throughout the month of August and donate your sales to the RSPCA.
Along to promote this fabulous event were some Puppies from the Shelter and all these cuties are all looking for a new home, if you're looking to adopt visit your local shelter or jump on the RSPCA website.

The RSPCA care for 155,ooo animals each year and they are all looking to be loved and housed
Adopting a pet is not for everyone, but you can help in other ways, such as;
  • Promoting the RSPCA through tweets, facebook and friends.
  • Going out to your local shelter and walking / feeding and just cuddling the animals.
  • Small or large donations.
  • Foster animals.
Make sure you you visit and help in any way you can.

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