Along with spring comes 30 days of fashion and beauty and it kick started with the media event at Ocean Room followed by the VIP launch at Byron Kennedy Hall, Fox Studios this week.

Joining me for the month of September are Ambassadors, Jodi Gorden, Cheynne Tozzi and Tahyna Tozzi, these girls need no introduction.

Throughout the month be sure to be blown away with Pandora Workshops, Priceline Pamper Parlors, Fashion show day and much more. This year 30 days of fashion and beauty is teaming up with charity "YOU CANN" to help support youth cancer, YOU CANN is not asking for money but for your old mobile phones and lets face it we all have plenty of those hidden in the draws, to help and support YOU CANN, simply take you old mobiles to any of the 30 days events and pop it in a box labelled YOU CANN. for more details on events and YOU CANN visit

Byron Kennedy Hall housed the launch of 30 days last night, filled with a paper floral theme, the location made you feel like you were Alice in Wonderland. A large revolving catwalk, dogs and confetti were just small details to this lavish event hosted by Richard Wilkins from Channel 9.

After a few interviews and live performances from the entertainment it was time to head backstage and get amongst the hustle and bustle that comes with any large event, backstage was madness, and before I can control my butterflies I'm on the revolving stage that is spinning to reveal me to the crowd, music starts and its ON... SHOWTIME. The show included models wearing the best lilac gowns from leading Australian designers / paper flowers / show dogs prancing down the runway and confetti falling from the roof and with what felt like only seconds had passed I'm standing center stage for the finale.

Such a fantastic way to launch and really kick start this fabulous event, that is 30 days of fashion and beauty.

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