Underwater Holiday

Want a holiday idea? Here is one for thought.

The Posedion undersea restort in Fiji, This lavish resort holds not only hold underwater rooms but also a resort on land, a private jet that transports you from Nadi and back and did I tell you its a mystery private island!

The Poseidon mystery island comprises approximately 225 acres and is about a mile long, Surrounded by a 5,000 acre lagoon.
An elevator will transport guests 40 feet under the sea where they will find 24 spetacular suites and one luxury apartment, the suites include all comforts you would expect on land but your view is overpowered by coral gardens and marine life rather then your normal palm tree.

This sounds like a holiday dream?? Well it is for most of us.... as this underwater resort is valued at $15,000 us per person. Since the development of the Poseidon, many other conutrys are trying their hand at Underwater hotels, such as Hydropolis in Dubai, Jules Undersea Lodge in Puerto Rico but none of these compete with the Utter Inn located in Vasteras, Sweden.

The man behind this "Utter Inn" is named Mikael Genberg and he definitely had a vivd imagination when he constructed his hotel in 2000. This one - room inn offers guests the chance to sleep 3m below the surface of Lake Malarem about 1km from the shore.
This cute inn resembles a large buoy and for an extra charge Mr.Genberg will deliver dinner to tenants, otherwise you are left to your own devises.


  1. O.M.G!.... I never knew this even existed!!!...have you visited this resort before???

    BTW I love your blog!.... truly inspiring.... followed you on google friends :)


  2. Never visited but is now on the wish list - isn't it amazing.

    Thanks for the follow. x