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One of my favourite Australian photographers is Steven Chee, I am lucky enough to have worked with him many a times, have him shoot for me on my personal endevours and call him a friend.
It's not often you meet someone thats artistic eye, and attention for detail is so overpowering, a true professional and without a doubt leading us forward in photography. His photos really are classically stunning, with the light managing to capture the subject in all its glory.

Steven's recent Job took him to Hong Kong to shoot Cate Blanchett for Ski 11, along with Cate Blanchett, Steven also adds names such at Abbie Cornish, Gemma Ward, Emily Blunt and Miranda Kerr to his list.

How long have you been doing photography?
I've been shooting for myself for 10 years now. 2 years of assisting in Sydney before that and 3 years of Uni at RMIT before that. The time has gone quickly but getting here has been a long time in the making. I think it goes all the way back to my 10th birthday when my mum and dad gave me a Minolta with a pop up flash.

Favorite Job? Mmmm...I have to say that when I get to travel for work is always a highlight. We usually get time off to look around and enjoy some of the local food spots! Having said that I do love the calmness and comfort of the studio when I get home!

What you look for behind the lens? If I'm shooting talent, I'm looking for someone that's comfortable. If they're looking a little uneasy I'll try anything to take their mind off being in front of the camera/lights/crew etc. I haven't however cracked it for the perfect joke that works on everyone yet!

What would you say your style of photography is? Polished with some rough edges? I don't really know, every job requires a different result so I need to be able to customize the approach to suit.

Steven also has a blog, which takes you through his recent works and on his journey around the world capturing moments.

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