Orange Pop

I remember in my early teens going through my gothic stage, which as you can imagine my mother loved. But I also remember my fluro fad which included neon laces for my sneakers, sweaters, head bands and those glow stick bracelets. It's no surprise that a more trendier neon trend has hit again and it comes in the form of comfy knit jumpers. Kenzo did an amazing two tone knit and so did Stella McCartney but you don't always have to spend hundred of dollars. Adding colour to those yucky weather days is a must this winter. 

Today I'm going neon orange and mixing it in with the  great flirty skirt that features an orange tone within the print. Chunky grey boots are my new thing and I love styling them with chunky socks. For a warmer look on the legs, try raw jeans or leather pants. 

Nikki xox 

Here are some other great Neon trend jumpers I found whilst writting this post.   Some designer some not, can you tell? Shop these now. 

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