Fancy Chanel Take-away?

I recently was snapped by Sunday Telegraph at the Quicksilver Party for putting a burrito in my handbag, may I add the burrito was wrapped to be taken home — nonetheless the story seemed to be a hot with bloggers and Gossip mag's, I have decided that I might invest in the Chanel Take Away Box Bag to avoid confusion in future.
I always appreciate an interesting design concept when it comes to handbags, I do have a slight obsession for designer bags. With the new design from Chanel "interesting " is precisely what you get.
The Chanel Take Away Box Bag, a mixture of culture and whimsical fun is from the Chanel Shanghai accessories collection that was launched in May this year. This bag designed and inspired of the classic chinese take — away box and is for the fashion daring, although only months after its release was sold out and the price was a whopping $7,500 us.

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  1. haha this bag is totally cute! I love Karl's sense of humour. Considering he doesn't look like he eats anyway!

    Those burritos at the Quiksilver party were great! I wish I'd taken some home, especially since I ended the night with greasy pizza after a few more bevvies. Oops!