It's A Heidi Affair

Heidi Samuel, better known to us as Heidi Klum is not only one of the world's top supermodel's but also an actress, television host, fashion designer, television producer, artist, business women and too top this list off the occassional singer.

So what is it about this multi talented supermodel that catches my eye? well it's her annual halloween party costumes of course!

Heidi and Seal's annual halloween party has become THE place for the glitterati to put on masks and get a little drunk, and every year, Heidi and Seal raise the stakes on their own costumes, which naturally forces sheep - like celebrities to bring it as well.
Here are some of my favorite Heidi halloween outfit's.....
Left: Heidi Klum as Betty Boop for Halloween 2002
Right: Heidi Klum as Sexy Alien for Halloween 2003
Left: Heidi Klum as Red Witch for Halloween 2004
Right: Heidi Klum as Vampire Lady for Halloween 2005
Left: Heidi Klum as Eve in Garden of Eden for Halloween 2006
Right: Heidi Klum as Sexy Cat for Halloween 2007

And my favorite's to date are Hindu Goddess Kali in 2008 and this year's costume Heidi as I Robot!
( All images are from Google images )

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