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I have always been a supporter of the RSPCA and wanted to help in a bigger way to promote this fantastic Charity, I have been very fortunate in my career as have many of the people that got involved and thought it a great idea to use our faces and voices to help bring awareness to something we are all so passionate about. I wanted to make a donation to the RSPCA, and so I decided to fund a 6 min video including some of Australia's celebrities to help with their christmas campaign " guardian Angels" and reach out to people to help.

On Wednesday 27th October we ventured out to the Yagoona Shelter to put my idea into action: My main reason for doing this video, is to show people that you don't just have to have the pressure of adopting, that is not the only way you can help, you can foster, donate or lend a helping hand by walking the animals. Alot of people tend to turn a blind eye to the shelter, as it's easy to get upset at the amount of animals needing homes, but by making this video and showing the all the different breads of animals and amazing job that the RSPCA does to look after and cater for these animal, will hopefully bring awareness for people to be involved or at least think of adopting rather then buying from farmed pet stores and puppy mills.

With a project like this you always need help and I was thrilled with the amazing Australian celebrites that jumped on board to help share this message, Maude Garrett, Lizzy Lovette, Erin McNaught, Erika Heynatz, Renee Bargh, Dean Gladstone, Andrew Reid, Laura C'sortan, Jonathan Moran, Airlie Walsh and April Penngilly. Here are some of the photos from the day.

All animal you see are up for adoption and can be viewed at www.rspcansw.org.au

Nikki Phillips and Tyson

Erika Heynatz and Bunny

April Penngilly and 6 week pup

Renee Bargh and 6 week old pup
Laura C'sortan and mutley

Airlie Walsh ( Channel 9 reporter) and Kitty
MTV VJ Erin McNaught and Milo
TV presenter Maude Garrett and Puppy
Jonathan Moran ( Sunday Telegraph ) and Milo
Reidy ( Bondi Rescue ) and Milo

Deano ( Bondi Rescue) and Bubby

A big thanks to RSPCANSW, photographer James Mills for these incredible photos www.jamesmills.com.au I hope to share the video with you in the following weeks, in the mean time head to www.rspcansw.org.com or www.rspcaguardianangel.com.au for more information.

Animals in Group shot are : Brownie, Bubby, Milo, Jack and Lulu.
For Full story and quotes head to www.sassisamblog.com

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