W.O.W is right.....

Sunglasses have taken a turn, gone of the days of simple frames and lenses... now its all high end/unwearable fashion. Since the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga promoting these "crazy sunglasses" a new reason for funky sunnies has evolved.

Some say crazy, some say damm right dangerous but these W.O.W spike suglasses are named after punk icon Wendy O Williams and they defiantly take the cake.

The spikes are hand drilled through either a black or clear band with a sturdy metal frame.


I personally think they are amazing, although in saying that if you purchase them, may I suggest your friends purchase these MYKITA helmet sunnies to avoid any accidents while out.

This model is called YURI after Yuri Gagarine and are designed with Romain Kremer for Fall/Winter 2010.

All images thanks to google.


  1. Even though the sunglasses aren't my cup of tea, I do believe it's necessary for designer, whether fashion, building, cars etc. to be pushing their imagination to the limit. It may not be to everyone's taste but what a boring place it would be if everyone wore and looked the same. The mark of a good designer is to cause debate and put new and interesting ideas into the market, even though the majority may never own the original idea. More than likely they probably will own a more watered down version without realising it.

    Fashion should be fun and individual. Wear what you like not what somebody else is telling you in a magazine. Or you will end up like the Emperor and he's new clothes.

  2. I think, Nikki, that you should not post blogs after eating a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s. The sugar is doing something to you!

    That said, I agree with Richard, development should know no bounds; ever!

    We don’t always get it right, in any area, but when we do it’s incredible...