5th Annual M2 Best Awards

It’s awards season and it's only right that amongst the Golden Globe, the Academy Awards, the Baftas, Oscars is the M2 Best Awards.

5th Annual M2 Best Awards were in Auckland, New Zealand.

M2 is a New Zealand Men's Magazine that launched in 2005, with content mixing from gadgets, cars, super yachts, music, women, fashion and much more. Sold worldwide.

Last night I joined along with NZ top model Judge Colin Mathura-Jeffree in the celebration of acknowledging not only M2 Magazine but also the likes of Man of the year, Woman of the Year, best Car, Movie, TV Show, Fragrance, Red Wine, White Wine & Beer all voted by the readers. Celebrating in style with a banquet at Pullman ( formally known as the Hyatt ) M2 pulled together a lavish event.

Man of the year went to New Zealand Prime Minster John Key who graces the cover over M2 March 2011 issue. Women of the year went to Pippa Wetzell.

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Sneak look at March 2011 cover featuring Man of the year PM John Key

Jarad Turner, Wendy Petrie, Nikki Phillips and Colin Mathura-Jeffree

with the man of the year himself PM John Key

Thanks to Norrie Montgomery for images

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