A city in ruins

The 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand at lunchtime on February 22 has left the city in a state of emergency. Many people are left without drinking water, toilets, clothes, telephones, and general supplies. It is time to stand together and help these people in need, being a New Zealander my heart breaks to hear the tragic loss of so many lives and the amount of people left wounded and homeless.

The Christchurch death toll stands at 147, but there is still more then 200 people missing including a New Zealand police officer, search and rescue teams continue the "slow and painstaking process" of sifting through the city's rubble.

Kiwi’s are a strong and ambitious bunch and I am sure will get through this heart wrenching time, but we also need to help.

"It's vital we reach as many people throughout the world as possible who want to help," NZ Prime minister John Key.

I have personally donated what I could to this cause, every dollar counts and is needed, so please do what you can.

Owen Glenn owner of OTS logistics and long time supporter of New Zealand yesterday donated one million dollars to Christchurch, a very generous man with a large soul.

Here are the main sites you can visit and donate. Clothes are also needed, so contact the below for details on where to send items.

Red Cross -

Salvation Army –

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