Let me Introduce you

Bruce "Hoppo" Hopkins

I met Hoppo a few years ago and there is only one way to describe this guy: “bloody awesome bloke”!

Not only extremely dashing with a personality to kill he is also the head Lifeguard and longest serving lifeguard at Bondi Beach. ( single ladies )

In 2006 he won the “ Australian Lifeguard of the year award” and recently picked up two gold medals at the Australian Surf Lifesaving titles.

Hoppo plays a major role in the HIT show Bondi Rescue, A reality show on a day in the life of the lifeguards on Bondi Beach – this is now the sixth season.

How did you get into being a Lifeguard?

I became a lifeguard from growing up at Bronte beach and one of the lifeguards working at the time suggested I should try out. Which i did and 20yrs later i'm still here.

This is your Sixth season with Bondi Rescue! How has things changed for you and your team?

This is our 6th season of Bondi rescue and it has shown the public and the world what lifeguards do which has given us a higher profile and a lot more respect. The show has made the job more professional and due to this in 6yrs we have moved forward by 20yrs. The show has opened up a lot of doors which has given us all the chance to do fun things away from the beach. We would never had the opportunity to do this without the show.

Tell me some funny situations regarding fans whilst on the job?

We now get up to 100 fans per day coming for photo's and autographs but the funniest is when girls come up and want us to sign there boobs. The things fans put on twitter and facebook about the lifeguards with photo's or what they say is amazing but sometimes scary too. Haha

What are some things you like to do " not on duty "?

I like to relax when off duty and try to stay away from the beach unless the surf is good. I relax by watching DVD's or go play golf. Don't mind hanging with friends at a local cafe.

Do you think the show has helped send the message of beach safety to young and old viewers?

The show is in over 200 countries now and it is definitely getting the message on beach safety out there to the world. EG, I had a letter from a mother who's 2yr old son fell into their back yard pool and drowned. she had no resus training it was only from watching Bondi Rescue she attempted to revive him. she did enough till ambo's arrived and he survived. She said if it wasn't for the show she would have just panicked. Stories like this make it all worth it.

What are some tips for any aspiring Lifeguards out there?

For an aspiring lifeguard my tip is to constantly get in the ocean in all conditions so you can learn to read the ocean. Keep fit with specific training like swimming, running and board paddling with lots of surfing as well.

Now I know you boys all like a practical joke, and I have seen images of Harries in a G while being spray tanned, what's the best to date between you all?

I think the best practical joke we have done was on Kerrbox with the Japanese commercial.
He thought he was getting $5,000 to do commercial but we set it up with Japanese actors to bag him all through it eg you are to short, you have no charisma, you are going bald, until he was going to punch the producer. He had one line to say in Japanese which he thought was for a new drink but he was saying "i love to drink cat piss"

Watch Bondi rescue Sundays - channel 10 and follow Hoppo on Twitter @lifeguardhoppo

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