Fit to Fly?

When flying we all tend to ignore the safety videos as we have seen it a million times and all think we are well equipped to know what to do incase of emergency! However Air New Zealand have come up with a great eye catching initiative that defiantly catches their audience.

There have been a string of winning Air NZ safety videos - we all remember the body painted air hostesses "nothing to hide" and the rugby world cup themed video "crazy about rugby"... both of these creative and bold, but it seems their latest video has out shone them all.

Well… on my recent flight to New Zealand I saw this one featuring US fitness legend Richard Simmons and former Breakfast presenter Paul Henry, It’s currently the number one viewed video on youtube in Australia and New Zealand. The Air New Zealand genral manager in marketing and communications Mike Todd said

"In a matter of hours the new safety video had become a global hit on youtube, and was the ninth most Tweeted about video in the world yesterday, quite extraordinary when you consider there are 140 million Tweets per day".

Here it is in all it's glory


  1. Thats hilarious NikkI! As much as I fly I would actually look forward to these little safety video instead of getting aggrevated when its time loL! LOVE IT

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