Let me take you behind the scenes

FINALLY…. I get to share my behind the scenes images from my campaign shoot with Cotton On Body. I was so honoured to be chosen to shoot their new lookbook / web images and campaign, I have always been a fan of this brand and working for them and with the dream team was too much fun.  I have been keeping this exciting news secret for awhile, so I am so ecstatic to final share all of this.
So the dream team consisted of Photographer Nicole Bentley, H&M Charlotte Blakeney & Kate Radford and Stylist Talia Maltz. The shoot took place at Sun Studio’s in Alexandria and was actually shot back in April! ( hence busting at the seams to share it with you ) It was honestly such a great shoot, not only did I get to work with the dream team but the Cotton On Body collection was to die for. The idea and concept behind the campaign was so whimsical and spending the day lying on rose petals really and in your underwear was hard you know!!! haha.
So here is some of the Campaign.
Nikki xox

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  1. I love this shoot! I worked at cotton On head office when you shot this and saw the pics fresh on the day, i love it! so sexy and feminine. xx