Maxi to the Max

Enter the perfect maxi dress! My closet is packed with maxi dresses, I just find them so comfortable and the perfect throw on dress for summer. Everyone goes through wardrobe meltdown moments when we all of a sudden have nothing to wear and no clothes even though you're staring at a wardrobe full!! This is when I normally just pull out a maxi, belt it or add accessories and head out the door. 

This Maxi is from Binny and is the perfect holiday maxi! Great length, beautiful flowing style and drawstring waist allowing you to choice it's fit. The pattern in this dress is so pretty and with its black and white palette it allows you to be playful with your accessories, adding bold bracelets and a pop lip like I've done. 

This was taken on my last day of Bali, I'm now home and struggling to get into the swing of it all after the most relaxing 10 days EVER.  Nothing beats sun, friends, cocktails and doing absolutely nothing. 

Nikki xox

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