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I just love a good old fancy dress party and when I received  the Hermes Swinging Silk 50's event invite I straight away put my thinking cap on. I wanted to create a look that was extreme, but also adding my own twist. I knew that when it came to make up I needed to turn to the professionals, but also was intrigued on the process of the perfect cat eye. Thanks to Maria and Bethany from Make Up Store here are the tips and tricks for achieving that perfect look. 

Step One
 A lot of people normally like to do a thin base prior to doing your eyes, however when doing such an intense line such as the 50's inspired look we are going for tonight. Take your skin back raw, make sure there is no product and you are starting with a fresh and clean base. 
Concealing the lid and add a yellow based powder over that.

Step Two
If your'e using false eyelashes, now is the time to add them. I've gone for a medium thickness to add a more dramatic look.

Step Three
 Using liquid liner with a mixing liquid, follow the line on your upper lid right to the edge. From the outer corner create a line using the same curve as your eye and angling towards the end of your eyebrow. You can choose your own length and if you want to tone it down, simply use a cotton bud to delete. Once you are happy with your line fill in the gap between flick and upper line.

Step Four
 If your concerned that your line is not neat, this step will make you feel like a professional. Simply add Tri brow powder in black over the line you have created, which will fill in all the gaps and create a smooth line. 

Step Five
Sometimes when you are creating a heavy eye line such as this, it can sometimes make your eye look small. In order to open your eye and give it that clean and wide appeal there are two tricks.  Add a white pencil to the lower lid and a grey base white eye shadow on the inner corner. With a light brown, follow the line of your lid ( half way between lash line and eyebrow ) and create a light half circle effect. 

To continue with my 50's look, we went with a rich red lip pencil on outer and inner and then and orange based red lipstick.

 And here is the final look ! How amazing is it, Bethany is a super star. 

For more details or to book your own privat appointment / lesson head to their website for more info or check out their facebook page Make Up Store. 

Nikki xox 

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