Playful Piece

There is nothing sexier to me then a great hat! I know I'm not the only one when I say, I don't wash my hair everyday. I have so much hair and it's extremely long that it's a job in itself just to wash and dry it. Anyway there is a morale of my rant, Not only are Hats the best accessory know to man, making you look effortlessly cool in an instant, but hats are also the perfect solution to those in a rush, bad hair days. 

I teamed this stunning wide brim, straight structured hat with a bold colour to give it more flair. It's mix of young with the cutouts and old with the style of the hat, compliment each other well. This dress is made out of similar material to a wetsuit and fits the body in all the right places. It's vibrant green and black trim cut out's make it a playful piece, simply add boyfriend blazer for cold nights and to add a more evening look. 

Nikki xox  

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