About the shades

I found another fabulous pair of stunning print pants. These eye catching playful bottoms will have you making a fabulous statement without even trying! I know a lot of people find loud prints too risky and sure, they are overwhelming sometimes, but I promise once you give them a try, you too will be addicted.  

When it comes to styling, it's so important that you blend with your personal style. Don't try a look that you're not comfortable in. I always opt for solid coloured top, either matching to the colour palette in the pant or by picking a bright colour that doesn't clash. The key for me, is to keep my heels a neutral colour, this way you won't be overwhelmed by too many colours.

Couldn't resist a little sunglasses action in this post, wonder why! These DKNY sunglasses have a slight cat eye which matched the print on the pants, but thats not the only reason! I love the sleek and modern style and find them great for driving as they shield your eyes from overhead sunlight. 

Nikki xox

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  1. This whole outfit is killer! Xx