Omega Play Date

Last week I visited the lavish boutique Omega store on Castlereagh St and met with their marketing and communications manager, Erin Patrick. A fun filled hour learning the history of Omega along with getting to try on an impressive number of watches. One watch that really caught my attention with it's incredible story was the Omega Speedmaster, why? Well it is the only watch EVER to go to the moon. 

The Omega speed master was the only wristwatch to have withstood all of the U.S. space agency's severe tests under conditions of zero gravity and magnetic fields, extreme shocks, vibrations and temperatures ranging from -18 to +93 degrees Celsius.

It is said that the most memorable moment in the Speedmaster's history was undoubtedly 21 July 1969 at 02:56 GMT, when it recorded man's first steps on the Moon's surface. The Apollo 11 mission was a milestone in history and the Speedmaster became the first watch and the only watch since, to be worn on the Moon. Hence it's nickname "The Moonwatch."

Now another watch that had me at "hello" was the Deville ladymatic, solid gold with diamonds that screamed sophistication. I was in awe as this watch sat pretty on my wrist. As I spotted the price tag I turned to Erin and said, " I'll take two" as a watch like this is clearly something you save extremely hard for or add to your bucket or wish list. In my case the $94,000 ladymatic is at the top of my wish list. 

Another great idea that I thought was well constructed within the Omega store was the onsite technical support office which is made of glass giving you a birds-eye view on how detailed these watches are and how intricate it is to make these works of art. There is truly something for everyone, whether it be jewellery or a watch and Omega caters to a large scale of price ranges.  So bust open the piggy bank and head into Omega for a look. You won't be sorry. 

Nikki xox

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