Sunday Telegraph Feature: It's about the price-point

Last week I went shopping with Sunday Telegraph Journalist Elle Halliwell in search for the under $200 dress that is fit for everything. This figure according to retail giant Myer, is the price point of their biggest selling items, Known as the "sweet spot" for female shoppers. But with the arrival of international chain stores such as Topshop, Zara and soon to be H&M are our local designers being competitive with well priced clothing? This was the challenge set, to find under $200 dresses that could be incorporated from day to night using only Aussie labels and stores. 

Now every woman loves a bargain and is after a versatile piece, but often when shopping we look at just the piece and don't factor in our already busting at the seems wardrobe. Shop with the thought of your staples such as jackets, shoes and accessories. With these in mind you will be able to shop for that everything dress, for example by adding a sensible ballet flat, waist belt and blazer your look is suitable for office, but keep the dress simple and add that sexy stiletto for evening.

Check out the Sunday Telegraph for my top picks and to read more on the article by Elle Halliwell.

Nikki xox 

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  1. Congratulations on the feature, well done! It is crazy how much we pay for clothing these days. I do think that some of the more established Australian designers are pricing themselves out of the market. Some of the Aussie designers are charging almost $1000 for dresses- for that much you could buy from an international designer and the quality is usually better....