Trench It

You know that feeling of pure fashion over joy, when you get a new piece of clothing and you then proceed to wear it non stop! So this trench by Shona Joy is exactly that. It landed in my hot hands the other day and since then I haven't taken it off! It just seems to go with everything. It reminds me of a coat my nana used to wear and I always thought she looked so regal in it. It's gold hardwear and baggy appeal give it such a great fashion edge to almost any outfit. Pair it with jeans, shorts or a dress like I've done. It has a loose waist belt so you can give it a more fitted look if need be and buttons so you can wear as a dress. My look today is a tad boho chic, Ive added this dress with a bright floral digi print and then black hat and boots. For those more chilling days, tights would be a perfect add on. These boots are ones making another there second winter apperence, they are still in stock and are defiantly a must have winter purchase. 

Nikki xox

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