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 I noticed on a post I did recently, you all loved me telling you about my favourite must have beauty / make up products, so I decided to do another. As summer is just around the corner I thought I would create for you my all time natural look, using only a few products that I swear by.

In summer it's always important to hydrate and get products that have SPF within them, as we know how harsh our sun can be. Below I will take you through my regime and how to apply and a brief run down on the products

Chanel Cream 

Face creams are so important and I like to test out different products, however this one is still on the top of my list. I apply this after my scrub and then leave for about 5 mins before applying my primer.

A question always asked is why do you need to use a face base - skin primer. It creates an even, flawless base for make up and helps keep your foundation in place, meaning a longer lasting look. It hydrates your skin and helps visibly improve texture on skin. Apply all over skin and be sure to get under the eye. 


I'm new to this and am in love! BB+ is the perfect all in one make up and skincare, perfect for all skin types. It camouflages and corrects skin tone plus protects skin with an SPF30. Apply like you would a foundation and don't forget to blend down the neck. 

Now it's no secret that I love some false eyelashes, but not always do I have time to apply and most good brands are  expensive. I love this product as it's quick, easy and instantly adds extra length and thickness. I always feel naked without a good lashing of this. To apply do a light coat mascara, followed by fiber lash then another generous amount of mascara. 

Number 55 - Confidence, the perfect pink shade lip gloss or for a more extreme look to take you to night go Purple Sangria from Model Co.

Add your best bronzer to the cheek if you want more definition otherwise you're set for summer. No need to carry a mountain of make up around with you, keep it simple yet effective. 

Nikki xox 

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