Caribbean Farewell

Hard to believe my posts from my recent trip have come to an end. I've been saving this particular post as I thought it would be the perfect end to my Palm Springs and Mexican adventures. There are truly so many reasons why this trip was so special but I won't bore you with the list, editing all these images makes me look back on how incredible this holiday / work  trip really was, if you can really call having fun work. 

This post is bold, romantic and just one of my favourite to date. I swear I'm like a magpie, I just love jewellery and sparkly things and you can tell why this is my fave as it combines both, along with a touch of sexiness. This Bikini is by Constatine and Louise and necklace by House Of Emmanuele and needs no write up, look at them! The colours in the necklace and detailing on both pieces are stunning, making them a good combo. Shot on the beach of Tulum at the resort The Papaya Playa Project, which features the most beautiful sand and crisp blue Caribbean sea. You may have read my previous posts from this resort giving further details about their accommodation and dreamy spa facilities, now let me take you down to the beach whilst sipping on mouth watering mint and chocolate cocktails! The food and drinks at Papaya Playa Project were amazing, all fresh and well presented!  How can you complain with the loctaion,  best Taco's in the world, washed down with a delicious cocktail! ( ahhhh take me back ).

Nikki xox

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