Check Mate

It's obvious that I love a blazer and at anytime of year! A simple blazer is the perfect way to add that sophisticated appeal to an outfit without over styling or over thinking your look. In summer shorts and a basic T-shirt tend to be a typical staple for us, however  spice this up and choose a high waisted short so you can tuck in the tee and instantly create a chic look. For summer I love to add that denim shirt or light weight blazer for a little more style power and it works in well with my unpredictable schedule which always consists of unexpected meetings popping up. 

Today was yet another manic one filled with radio interviews and an appearance on channel 7's Daily Edition. Looking forward to a half day off tomorrow to catch up on house work, do more Christmas shopping and source for an up n coming blog trip. Bring on Christmas. 

Nikki xox

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  1. Love your checked shorts! xx