Adding Some Sparkle

Yes the Maldives edits are still coming! Even from these images you can see what a truly impressive landscape we had as our backdrop, so the shoots kept coming. On one of our last days in this tropical oasis, we ordered lunch within our bungalow. The staff biked out to us and set up lunch on our outdoor dining table which happened to be on glass at the front of our deck. Needless to say this is one lunch I will never forget, even though is was just burgers and fries. I mean look at the photo!

Adding a little sparkle in the Maldives with this stunning long sleeve Constantina and Louise romper. The perfect piece to take on holiday as it doesn't crease and has you covered for those sporadic dress up restaurants that you come across while on vaccay. I like to have all occasions covered. 

Nikki xox 

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