I have always loved that quote: Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman! So true. Whist staying on Basil street, in Knightsbridge ( Same street Harrods resides on ) I felt an almost "compulsory" feeling to dress uber chic. As we all know my style is classic, I love to play around with trends and different styles, however I always gravitate back to my simple and classic looks. 

We all own a high waisted skirt and simple jumpers, so throw those together to create a very simplistic yet chic look. Prints are very on trend and I adore this print from Ginger and Smart, actually I adore their entire collection. If you look closely none of these colours are the same, they are similar but all slightly different giving each piece it's own moment. Nothing like a little print and colour clash to get your fashion motor turning. 

Now excuse me while I strut.

Wearing Ginger and Smart Jumper and Skirt, ASOS Coat, Isabel Marant Heels and Moschino Sunglasses

Nikki xox


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  1. An amazing update to the look and feel of your blog! Loved it before and love it even more now! All the best Nikki x - Brooke