Bali Stole My Heart

Since my feet first touched Bali Land, I have been mesmerized by its beauty and culture, now returning to these shores twice a year I want to share with you my picks on restaurants and places to stay while in my favorite destination.

Villas are popular in Bali and cheap, most villas’ comes with a driver and chef – not to mention your own personal oasis. My personal choice of location to stay is Seminyak and here are places I recommend

- C51 villas

- Le Jardin

- Villa Blink

- Nyaman Bali Villas

When arriving in Bali make sure you hire a scooter and get lost amongst its culture, it’s the best way to learn the roads and back streets which make this place so wonderful, cabs are everywhere in Bali but be sure not to be ripped off as they have no meters.

There are so many places to eat, but without a doubt make sure you venture up to Jimberran Bay, where you can eat you heart out on seafood and enjoy the sunset from your table on the beach, other places I love are

- Grind and Grocer

- Le Sal

- Kudeta

- Bens Bistro

- Bali Deli

If it's your first time to Bali then I recommend heading to the Marine and Safari Wildlife Park, or head further into the mountains and go Elephant trekking at the Elephant Park – being an animal lover I researched into these a lot with the way the facilities are run, not being much of a zoo fan, I found these places well kept and animals happy.

Another thing you will notice in Bali is the dogs, dogs are know as devils to the Indonesian’s and due to this are not looked after and instead neglected, due to so many westerners this is slowly changing but at a very very slow pace, I found a great foundation called Bali dogs, who help protect and treat the street dogs, so I recommend visiting or donating to this wonderful company on your travels also.

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