One Wish

The city of Love, Paris is still calling my name.

I cannot believe that with all my years of traveling the globe and working in the most fantastic locations I have still not been to Paris, the one place I have dreamt about since a little girl - so now its my one wish and my aim to get to Paris before 2012.
We all have those wish lists, of things / places we want - Paris is now on the top of mine.
Why Paris? well - It is the genius of Paris that it lives up to so many of its own clich├ęs. Romantic, sophisticated, bohemian, glamorous, artistic, seductive, Paris is diverse and generous enough to satisfy everyones wants within its city arms. No city has been the subject of so many wistful ballads, or so many dreamy pinings. The atmosphere, restaurants and view of the world famous Eiffel Tower is what I want to take in and soak up.

I'm ready for you Paris..........

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