AUS RELEASE : Dane Rumble

You may know him as former member of New Zealand hip hop group Fast Crew, But Dane Rumble since 2009 has ventured on with a solo career which landed him number 13 on the NZ single chart for his first solo single "Always be here" along with picking up awards for Best Male solo Artist in 2010 for The Experiment.

The Experiment is set it release in Australia today ( 1st April 2011 ), the album debuted at number 1 on the New Zealand album chart and is set to raise the bar here on Aus charts.


You’ve already had such a huge success in your career so far, with Fast Crew and your solo career taking off, what plans do you have next?

Im really looking forward to touring australia properly again, I've done a few shows here and there. But will be setting up a nationwide tour soon to promote the album! I've already started work on the sophomore record too. No rest for the wicked.

You write all your own material, what influenced you when writing songs for The Experiment?

It was a very new and creative period for me, I was exploring this new 80's pop rock/hiphop crossover and I guess I was drawing a lot of inspiration from classic bands like Led Zep and Midnight Oil, as well as Bowie? I would also draw a lot from life experiences and of-course my hip-hop background.

Your about to take off to America and Europe, can you fill us in on what you will being doing up there?

I'm releasing a stripped back version of "The Experiment" in the US and UK, so im heading over to do some showcases. I'm also working with some award winning writers and producers in Atlanta and start to put together the next record.

I will also be hitting Coachella Festival just for a bit of inspiration!

Where do you see yourself in twelve months time?

In twelve months who knows! Hopefully I will drop a few more singles and maybe another Album! I'm also looking at collaborating with a few more international artists on this next record. So I could be anywhere!

Check out his recent video for single "Cruel" which released in Australia last month.

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