New faces And A New 30 Days

After three years of being the face and ambassador for ACP's 30 days of fashion and beauty, it was time to say goodbye and concentrate on new ventures, I am very close to this brand as I was apart of it for so long and with that am proud to announce the new faces for 2011.

Alyssa Sutherland, Sara Stephens and Heidi Harrington- Johnson are the new Aussie beauties that will light up the streets and ACP publications for Septembers fashion extravaganza.

If you are unaware of 30 days of fashion and beauty, it's a month long event (September) letting the general public into the world of fashion, with live catwalk shows, events, beauty workshops, meet and greet with editors and more.

for more information and to check the months fashion calendar head to

A look at the 2011 30 days campaign
Photographer: Chris Colls
Directed: Carolyn Innis
Styled: Tiana Wallis
Hair: Kennith Stoddard
Make up: Natasha Severino

A quick look at the beginning of an amazing Fashion and Beauty Extravaganza.....

2008 30 days of fashion and beauty campaign Shot

This was my first year joining the ACP team
Photographer: Chris Colls
Dress: Alex Perry

Ambassadors: Eva Mendes and Lara Bingle

(Picture taken at Melbourne Launch 2008)

2009 30 days of fashion and beauty campaign shot

Photographer: Chris Colls
Dress: Ja'ton

Ambassadors: Alyssa Sutherland and Pania Rose

(Picture taken Media Call 2009 Sydney)

2010 30 days of fashion and beauty campaign shot

Photographer: Georges Antoni
Dress: Ja'ton

Ambassadors: Jodi Gorden, Cheyanne and Tahyna Tozzi

(Picture taken at Media Call 2010 Sydney)

For more images from 2008 - 2010 head to my facebook page - Nikki Phillips

Make sure you add 30 days of fashion and beauty to you calendar this September, it's and amazing event that you will be sorry if you miss out.

Sponsors for 2011 - Priceline, Pandora and commonwealth bank

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