Australia’s Sweetheart

You may all remember her as former channel V presenter, but among her many talents as Artist, Model, TV personality Renee Bargh has now landed the much coveted role as Co-host of the USA’s Entertainment show Extra along side Mario Lopez, who you may remember as A.C Slater on saved by the bell.

Renee now based in Los Angles after leaving Sydney shores almost a year ago to pursue her dream. Renee got her start in 2006 as part of the pop group “ Girlband” and released two top singles and then went onto TV presenting with Tim Campbell for National Bingo Night and also channel 9’s Surfari.

One trait I admire in Renee is her go get personality, and determination, she has worked extremely hard to get to the position she is in and as a close friend that has been beside her through this adventure, I am excited for others that are now recognising this true Aussie talent.

This year I have taken a few trips to LA to visit my friend and among the hustle and bustle of her new life as one of America’s most watched TV hosts, Renee is still the same down to earth person.

For all those wanting to know more about Renee Bargh Hollywood, Here is an exclusive chat...

How is LA Life? busy,crazy and busy! But the weather is divine and it is a really fun place to live.

What’s it like working with America’s heartthrob Mario Lopez every day? He is alot of fun and has been in the industry a long time so I learn from him everyday.

What has been your career highlight to date? Working on the red carpet at the Oscars and The Golden Globes. I used to watch them every year as a little girl and I never dreamed I would get to interview some of my favourite people on that very same carpet!

Any star struck moments? When Angie and Brad walked down the red carpet at the golden globes... that was surreal, they were only feet away from me!

What do you miss most about Australia? My friends and family, but also the beaches and the lifestyle. Australia is really the most beautiful place in the world and we are so lucky to have such clean and pristine beaches.

Renee is an extremely driven, passionate, emotional and honest person, and is a fantastic role model for females, in how to follow their dreams.


Renee and co host Mario Lopez

Renee and the man himself Johnny Depp

Renee and I at Rollingstone Event

Some other familiar faces from Elton John to Justin Bieber

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