6 Questions with design team Maurie and Eve

For the month of December I'm chat ting with Australian designers and asking them the questions you want to know.

This label is one that I LOVE and wear on a regular basis, to be honest can't get enough! perfect for all occasions and their designs fit like a glove.

Tell us a little bit about Maurie & Eve?

Maurie and Eve consists of Kel, Scott and myself (Maya). Kel and Scott are siblings, Scott and I are partners and Kel and I are high school best buddies. The label started about 5 years ago and since then we have been establishing the label here in Australia, as well as in the US, NZ, Japan, UK, Canada and Europe.

Where did the name come from?

Maurie & Eve (aka Maurice & Evelyn) are Kel and Scotts grandparents. They passed away in a tragic car accident in 2001. Eve was a model in the 60’s and her sewing machine was left to Kel when she passed. It all evolved from there.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to designing for each season?

We draw inspiration from so many different places. We’re lucky enough to travel a lot; experiencing different cultures and lifestyles is a huge source of inspiration. We often look to the past also. The 60’s and 70’s were such an amazing time for fashion and design. We love making it modern!

Who is the typical Maurie & Eve Girl?

The M&E girls is confident in her style and isn’t afraid to take risks. She can go from beach girl to super sexy in one day. I think she follows trends but also has her own sense of what she thinks is cool and works them together.

What can we look forward too for winter 2012?

For A/W 12 we have brought a new element to the collection with more mature styling. Tailored silk pieces with rose gold hardware. We’ve also used a lot of sheer silk burnouts that are super sexy, but also wearable. Our signature prints are there and the colours are strong and fun. There’s party dresses to relaxed pants and playsuits. We tried to cover you from picnics to party’s!

What are your favorite current pieces, that are MUST HAVES?

From the Autumn collection it would have to be the Sedgwick Silk Panelled Shirt with rose gold collar tips and the Ziggy Polka Dot Maxi skirt. The Bowie Palazzo Pants in our Boarderline print are amazing, they’re the perfect pant for the season, I will be living in them!

Ziggy Polka Dot Maxi skirt

Sedgwick Silk Panelled Shirt with rose gold collar tips

Being a HUGE fan of this label, I'm constantly wearing M & E to events, here a pics of recent events.

G shock event wearing Maurie & Eve

Crazy stupid love premiere wearing Maurie & Eve

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