My Private lesson With Make Up Store

Sometimes fashion just isn’t enough, so I thought I would pop into the Make Up Store, located on Oxford St for a bit of make up play time and freshen up on my tips & tricks whilst  also learning about new products and exciting colours that are on trend this season.
For a bit of background on the Make Up Store, it was originated as a Make Up Academy in 1996, so the key philosophy of the brand is education. When Make Up Store opened its first retail store in 1990, they introduced the concept of a “Private Lesson”. This is where they not only do a makeover, but teach clients how to achieve the look so they can then recreate it!
Maria Gabriel who is the Head Creative Director/General Manager for Make Up Store Australia, was kind enough to take  me under her wing today and spoil me with a look at new products coming out (photo located at the bottom of blog) and I even got to test and keep the new lip treated  Vanilla & Min! I am slightly already addicted to this exfoliator and balm, which is due for release NEXT WEEK! Some other products that really tickled my fancy were:
“Mixing Liquid” a Water proofing clear liquid. Create waterproof metallic eyeliners when mixed with loose “Eyedust” or pressed eyeshadows. Can also be used to waterproof your mascara, your lips and fixate loose glitter it retails for $34
“Eye Pencil – Vanilla” Apply along the inner waterline to cancel redness and open the eyes, this retails for $34
“Blend & Fix”Blend with powder shadows to create a creamy eyeshadow, blend into concealer to thin out the texture, or use under glitter to fixate it, this retails for $25
Want to know how to achieve this amazing foundation base that Maria created on me today? Here is the step by step process including the products used.
- Apply one pump of “Skin Serum” (primer) to hydrate and protect the skin
- Moisturized with “Ice Creme Time”
- Concealed redness with “Eazy Cover Red concealer” and applied “Reflex Cover” under the eyes to reflect away darkness
- Mixed “Luminous Bronzer” with “Liquid Foundation” to create luminous skin
- Set foundation base with mineral talc-free powder “Wonder Powder”
- Applied your favourite “Bronzer in Sun Touched”

One thing I found really interesting was that the Make Up Store Lipstick formula contains a unique blend of Avocado Oil, Jojoba and Shea Butter and are free of Petrol, Alcohol, Nickel or Lead. The mascara also free of  Nickel.
Now if your after the same experience that I had, here is some info on the ”Private Lessons”. It  is where the client can choose between a day or evening make up. The session is completely personalised to the client and their lifestyle. A 50 minute session in total where they educate you  every step of the way, which is $95 redeemed on products of their choice! To guarantee client satisfaction, they start by asking key questions to identify colours you are comfortable with, style of make up they would like to learn about, time they can invest in applying the make up, skin texture and allergies.
For more details or to book your private lesson head to their website for more info - or check out their Facebook page -  Make up store Australia facebook.

Nikki xox

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