Celebrating 20 Years With Kookai

Sorry for the overload of images, but I got a little trigger happy tonight and I guess you can see why!!! The colours from the summer Kookai collection were out of this world! I can honestly say that this show was one of the best colour palette shows I’ve seen. From sophisticated patterns to flowing lines, Kookai’s collection really catered for every women’s needs and with its great choice of bright and neon colours it makes for easy summer styling. The fabrics in this collection I think also played a powerful part, adding great quality and comfort to the range. I have included some of my favorite stand out looks above, but believe me there were so many stand out individual pieces, it was hard to cull them down.

Tonight’s Kookai show was to celebrate their 20 anniversary and the Opera House was the perfect venue to host such a iconic moment. To  just add that cherry on the cake, I travelled to and from the event in style thanks to Porsche. Now if your not familiar with the Porsche Panamera ( pictured above ) I highly recommend you get familiar, this has been my favorite car for awhile!
A visit to a  Kookai store should be on your list of things to do as you need to get a first hand glimpse at this sophisticated and bold collection, also jump onto the Kookai website to view the Kookai campaign which was shot in Marrakech, Morocco with Kookai season ambassadors Nicole Turunfio and Ilona Novacek who also made an appearance at tonight show, both opening and closing for the brand.
Nikki xox
Thanks to Two Birds Talking, Kookai and Porsche for a great night.

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