Harbour cruise with Moet

Thanks to Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial, I spent last night cruising the Sydney harbour watching the sunset! I know, I know not a bad way to end a Tuesday! This little soiree was aboard the "Ariston" and saw a select crowd enjoy an evening of relaxation and many glasses of Moet Ice Imperial whilst sticking to the dress code white chic.  The flavour of Moet Ice Imperial is a sweet taste at first but with the addition of ice cubes it restores the correct balance for the palate and for that extra personal touch add your favourites from lime, raspberries, cucumber, mint, stawberries and more. The perfect drink for summer I say, I know I will be stocking up for those beach and home BBQ's.

A beautiful night thanks to Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial and MP Agency.

Wearing Aje dress, Tony Bianco Heels and Vintage sunglasses.

Nikki xox


  1. That looks amazing! So does your dress :)

    Lucky girl, and I think you may have inspired me to try a new summer drink too!