Between somwhere and nowhere

Alexandra and Genevieve the design duo behind the captivating fashion label Ginger and Smart are celebrating their tenth year, as they deliver a stunning A/W 2013 collection. Ginger and Smart have always had a distinctive style and with this collection they keep to their roots along with adding polished and striking designs within the colours,  fabrics and designs all of which they do themselves.

The iconic and exclusive prints were inspired by the graphic nature and wild colours of Azilal rugs. Their colour palette which they design themselves includes clear blue, tangerine and peridot on sharp base of black and white. This collection really captured a sense of cool confidence along with a very playful aspect. I would say that this is one of the favourite collections, it's just so diverse and unique especially with it's designs and patterns.

"We designed this collection with a fierce romantic wanderer in mind and have created hard edge textures using graphic lacquered jacquards, mixed modern metallics, elastised leather and french lace". Ginger and Smart. 

Nikki xox 

For more check out the Ginger and Smart Website

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