Hello Manning Cartell

Manning Cartell has just released their first ever campaign images. The Campaign embodies the raw and quite gritty glamour of the label and is about that strong, confidant woman. Photographer Steven Ward, who is incredible and I've had the pleasure of working with earlier in my career, managed to keep the look beautiful yet remain edgy at the same time. 

A filtered palette of white, black blue and grey which is perfectly set among metallic's of gold, bronze and copper. Let's not forget our favourites citrine, cerise and red which play within the collection also. To sum it up, it's a collection about modern sophistication and one of my favourites, as you may have already figured out from me wearing multiple Manning Cartell outfits to events along as feature in blog posts, but now you can get you hands on them, as the are available in store and online NOW. 

Yup my eyes are on the green jacket too! 

Nikki xox 

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