Day Three: Front Row Reporting For eBAY - Camilla

I actually don't know where to begin to describe the Camilla show, the location and set up was something out of a magical fairytale! Centennial Park was the backdrop for the show, where a large Teepee tent was constructed. Outside and inside was transformed to an almost enchanted garden with young girls on swings and bright coloured flowers and cushions. The collection was vibrant, with not one piece lacking in colour. A collection that featured strong and bold prints, slight embellishment and flowing carefree pieces.

Colours: Red, pink, yellow, green, orange, black, purple, mint, grey, white, blue, brown.

Spotted Front Row: Christine Centenera, Kelly Smythe, Tessa James, Sylvia Jefferys, Paula Joye and Peter Morrisey. 

Nikki xox

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