Double Print Punch

Ever struggling for that dose of inspiration when it comes to your personal styling? I love drawing inspiration from bold, colourful prints. At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week earlier this year, we saw geometric, monochromatic, tribal and floral prints packing some serious punch on the runway. When it comes to prints it's up to you whether to go all or nothing. It's a great trend to have fun with and tone to your acquired look. 

This amazing print is by Nicola Finetti and his entire collection is just full of incredible bold prints that you can really have some fun with. Today I decided to be bold and go all out in this fab trouser and matching coat print.  I teamed this look with a plain white T-shirt, which tones down the print but still allows it to shine. Some may be scared of the double print, but I think if your style allows it, flaunt it or at least be playful and push the print to your own personal style limit. The Styled by Phillips final pop had me adding yet another bold print with my new Louis Vuitton Keepall. Love it! 

Nikki xox

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