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Yesterday was a big day emotionally for me, as a project I'd been working on finally hit shelves. I teamed up with Cleo Magazine to open up after my personal battle with cervical cancer, in which I was diagnosed back in November 2009.  

Just like so many I thought I was invincible and something such as cancer could never happen to me, I was extremely healthy, exercised regularly and had been for pap smears, but in an instance that all changed.

My story in this months Cleo (with Amanda Seyfried on the cover) took me a good 3 weeks to write. I had never opened up about my battle, as I personally needed to overcome and understand what I was going through. I hope my story will make others realise that people lives are never what they seem, and EVERYONE is open to such a horrible and aggressive disease.

I am so touched by the messages I have received already through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I am so thankful for your support. I was extremely nervous about such a personal issue going public, but I decided to open up to hopefully give awareness to woman and maybe even save lives by promoting regular pap smears. Last November I was given the all clear and the timing seemed right to speak out. I will admit it wasn't an easy story to write as a lot of emotions were bought to the surface, but I hope I will inspire and educated woman about cervical cancer. 

Nikki xox

A huge thank you to Editor Sharri and the team at Cleo Magazine for allowing me to share my story and for being so understanding through this process of opening up.  

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