Up Against The Brick

We all have our own personal style which makes for easy dressing, you can normally spot something you know will fit and look good. Sometimes I think it's important to push those boundaries and be experimental with your dress style. Since starting Styled by Phillips I find myself being attracted to styles I normally wouldn't have gone for previously. Being playful and pushing limits with looks, almost like adult dress up's and I highly recommend putting on your favourite song, turning it up loud, pouring yourself a glass of wine and having a good old dress up session with your wardrobe. 

Today that's exactly what I did, I had fun with my look. If you're not keen on the crop top, then swap it for a baggy T or singlet. Not keen on the baseball hat, swap for a large fedora. Make it your own. If at all you feel your playing it too safe with a colour platte, add a colour shoe or bag to give the look more life.

Nikki xox 

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