Red Area

Discover the bomber Jacket! Hey I'm the first to admit I always go for the structured blazer, but I'm finding a new love for the fellow little bomber jacket. Originally created for pilots back around 1917, the bomber jacket soon became a part of pop culture and popular apparel. It's style and shape has varied but the bomber jacket has never really gone away, it's always been a hot trend. Choose from the light materials in floral prints or go for the quilted almost sport luxe look, for these in between weather patches. (like now) 

It's safe to say we all love a little black dress and every season I always invest in a few for different occasions. This light weight summer dress with it's lace panelling detail fits well into my easy summer styling faze. Today with my schedule I opted for heels, but this look also looks great with bold coloured or printed sandals. 

Nikki xox 


  1. wowza what a gorgeous jacket you lucky thing :) Love it with the girly dress xx
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