Crisp White And Bungalow Nights

Back at the echo friendly resort Papaya Playa Project and loving the crispness of this white embroidered dress, against the raw materials of their bungalows. Nestled in the forest with a view of the Caribbean ocean is defiantly a dream holiday and that is what Tulum and The Papaya Playa project offers. A true taste of Mexico . 

When on holiday it is compulsory to get a massage! well I like to think so. After shooting this blog post we experienced 1 hour of complete heaven! I can honestly say it was one of the best massages I've ever had, maybe it's because I was relaxed and the surroundings were peaceful and  tranquil, o and the fact the massuse was amazing also helped! Anyway, trust me, when I say that if your going to Tulum it's a must to come stay here for a few nights and get a massage. 

Stripes and crisp white. You can never go wrong with a clean white embroidered dress, it really suits all ocassions as I've worn this to a wedding rehershal dinner along with it being a great beach throw on. For this look it was a simple heel and pop of red lip that took me from beach to chic.

Nikki xox

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